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About Me


I believe in being my best every day.  When we strive to BE our best AMAZING things happen.

I believe in training smarter not harder.

I believe in taking the next step. Life is a continuous, evolving journey. At times the peak of the mountain or end of the path might seem unattainable. When this happens…inhale a deep breath, and take that next step, smile, and know that you are still forward in the right direction.

I believe in loving people more than things.

I believe every day is a new opportunity to be better, share more love, inspire others, and dare to be our best.

I believe each person is unique, special, and has the potential for greatness. Each person is meant to be their own individual…their own CHAMPION.  In discovering and uncovering our inner Champion is how we can best champion others and serve the world around us in great ways.

I believe the only time you should look down on someone is to extend your hand to help lift them up.

I believe we can all be that drop which will create ripples to cause a tidal wave of positive change. Together we will make a HUGE difference.


We are a collective creation of our life experiences. Growing up as an athlete and competing in gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, and marathons/ half-marathons/10k’s inspired me study Kinesiology and Exercise Science in college. After graduating, I worked advising and guiding people with weight management, cardiac rehabilitation, and general fitness. I worked with professional athletes from the Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, PGA, and Sr. PGA. Still, I craved more education to work with people with injuries. I continued my education to earn a degree in Physical Therapy. For the past 25 years, I have been helping people take their health, functional and athletic ability to their highest level and have loved every moment.

While working as a physical therapist early in in my career in hospitals and sports clinics was very rewarding. However, I felt limited in how I could truly help others. Insurance companies and other administrative red tape by facilities consistently placed limitations on the quality of typed of treatments I could offer. They dictated what treatments I could and could not provide regardless of whether it was the best treatment option for the patient. In order to truly help people as best as possible, my husband and I partnered with two other PT couples in an outpatient Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy practice and have nine locations in Southern California.

Practicing Sports Medicine for 25 years has given me experience and insight into what works best for high performance and injury prevention.  Working with clients from young kids to professional athletes, and with people of all ages and abilities has helped me to develop physical and psychological principles that optimize success.   I have learned a great deal along the way of what it takes to succeed in sports, fitness, business and in LIFE, and now is the time to give back to YOU.


Every individual has unique and specific gifts and talents for a supreme purpose. It is my calling to help you realize your purpose AND discover the champion you have within.  Whether playing your sport or in life, I offer you resources and tools to help you uncover and discover your specific gifts, empower you with tools and exercises to take your goals to the next level while pursuing your passion and true purpose. With extensive experience in many areas, I’m excited and honored to share a multitude of tips, tools, and resources to guide you to live life more fully in your and in life.


I believe in your ability to live life fully and at your best! I believe that you are here, reading this page, because you want more….be more…do more… and get MORE OUT OF LIFE. I believe in your ability to realize your dreams and create a positive difference in the world around you. If we all tap into our own gifts, talents, strengths, and passions, I believe people will be happier, more fulfilled, work more efficiently, and life would be phenomenal all around.

From healthy living to life balance… From changing self limiting mindsets to overcoming obstacles and living happier….From realizing your passion to helping you launch your best version of yourself  and achieving the next level fulfillment….I can’t wait to connect with you through one of my programs or live events.

I believe you, like me, are a drop that will cause a ripple which will evolve into a wave of positive change in the world around you. It’s not always going to be easy but it doesn’t need to be difficult. With support, grace, encouragement, knowledge, and the steps to success…Together we can move forward, arm in arm, and make a positive difference in your life.

Xo Debbie